Windows 8 on the Acer 1825ptz

Since nothing exciting has been happening on my laptop recently, and after finding out that Microsoft has an Acer 1825pt in their lab, I figured I might try to throw Windows 8 on my Acer 1825ptz.

I used this guide and everything went down without a hitch. Drivers mostly installed, too (except for Bluetooth), though the G sensor doesn’t seem to work at all, which is kind of a bummer. Still, not bad for a dev preview. Performance is on par with Windows 7 and the few applications I tried (browsers, UltraVNC, dropbox, daemon tools, virtual box + Ubuntu 10.04) seem to work fine, too.

Windows 8 on Acer 1825PTZ

So in case anyone has an Acer 1825ptz lying around and is wondering how it plays with Windows 8, I’d say it’s already usable.

In other news, I’m surprised to find that I rather like the chrome on Windows 8. After figuring that I’m permanently out of sync with the Microsoft UX Design team, and that I have to go hunting for the option to switch back to the “classic” theme until I’m all wrinkly and grey-haired, they go and get rid of the overly rounded corner bubbly look. Probably going to be the first time since Windows 2000 that I’m sticking with the default.

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  1. Jacco says:


    I own a packard bell butterfly touch which should be more or less the same as your Acer 1825ptz and I just recently installed Windows 8 consumer preview on it. Although I like it, I also was disappointed that bluetooth and G-sensor are not working. Did you already figure out how to get them to work again? Since the consumer preview should now be close to the shippable version, I’m getting more afraid that they will not work at all.

    Hope you can help me out!


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